War with Hamas to expense Israel above $50 billion -paper

War with Hamas to expense Israel above $50 billion -paper

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War with Hamas to cost Israel above $50 billion -newspaper © Reuters. Palestinians search for casualties, at the website of Israeli strikes on homes, amidst the continuous dispute inbetween Israel and Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, at the Magazi Refugee Camp, in main Gaza Strip, November 5,2023 REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel’s war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip will expense as much as 200 billion shekels ($51 billion), the Calcalist monetary paper reported on Sunday, pointingout initial Finance Ministry figures.

The everyday stated the quote, equivalent to 10% of gross domestic item, was predicated on the war enduring inbetween 8 to 12 months; on it being restricted to Gaza, without complete involvement by Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Iran or Yemen; and on some 350,000 Israelis prepared as military reservists returning to work quickly.

Calcalist explained the ministry as considering 200 billion shekels an “optimistic” quote

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