Why Ryan Serhant Returned to Real Estate Reality TV With Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan’

Why Ryan Serhant Returned to Real Estate Reality TV With Netflix’s ‘Owning Manhattan’

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To be enticed back from his hiatus from the truth TELEVISION universe after 10 seasons on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing: New York, NYC-based celeb broker Ryan Serhant understood he desired to do something various. “I didn’t desire to make Million Dollar Listing: New York 2.0, or a spinoff of Selling Sunset, which has its own unique design,” he states. “So, we’ve developed a principle of raised truth.”

The brand-new idea, Owning Manhattan, introduced Friday on Netflix. In numerous methods, it feels soothingly familiar to the variety of other popular genuine estate truth fare like Selling Sunset and Buying Beverly Hills: high-end listing pornography, feuding peacocking representatives, high-stakes sales. But with its skyrocketing orchestra rating, documentary-style filmmaking and Serhant’s outsized, triedandtrue character, it provides a polished, expert’s appearance into Serhant’s brand-new genuine estate company, called, of course, SERHANT.

“Ryan provides great TELEVISION duetothefactthat he is great TELEVISION,” states World of Wonder’s Randy Barbato, who executive produces the program. “It’s genuine. It’s not an act. Before we began shooting, he’s been structure this empire, and he has chose that he desires to be the N. 1 brokerage company in the world. And to see somebody attempting to accomplish that is remarkable. On top of that, he is somebody who has heart, and is amusing and is a fantastic entrepreneur — they’re the things you’d put on a desire list and then anticipate AI to produce. But Ryan really provides it. And then on top of it, he has best skin.”

Most of the action takes location in the SERHANT headoffice in Soho, home of the previous Tommy Hilfiger landmark shop, which endsupbeing a kind of character in the program. “It’s like the Soho House of genuine estate,” states executive manufacturer Fenton Bailey, of World of Wonder.

Barbato concurs. “It’s extremely elegant. It’s really takingplace. It’s really buzzy.”

With Serhant stepping into the function of brave leader and coach, the program focuses on a mix of representatives both old and brand-new, with made-for-TV appeal and flash for days. “It is a Baskin-Robbins,” Barbato states.  “There are numerous tastes of fantastic cast members in this cast.”

Standouts consistof Tricia Lee, a advanced, steely powerbroker in Brooklyn who’s looking to make it simply as huge in Manhattan; Jonathan Nørmølle, a tatted up, meaningful Danish upstart; and Savannah Gowarty, a peach-pie fresh rookie from North Carolina.

“I recently haveactually been corresponding the genuine estate company with

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