Yep, This Is Actually How Often You Should Be Washing Your Hair

Yep, This Is Actually How Often You Should Be Washing Your Hair

Most guys do it every day. Selena Gomez does it twotimes a week. Kim Kardashian goes 5 days without it. Then, there are individuals on TikTok who swear by avoiding it for a complete 7 days. (And we wear’t even desire to understand Sansa Stark’s number.) How frequently you oughtto wash your hair, it appears, truly boils down to individual choice. Right?

Not so quickly. The response to that concern is dirty, however can be summed up in 4 words: for the most part — however there are a coupleof elements to keep in mind. (Fine, that’s 14 words.) First, there’s the matter of removing your scalp of its natural oils when you overwash, or wash your hair every day when you puton’t requirement to, which is something you desire to prevent. “Then, you should thinkabout your hair type, hair texture, scalp condition, damage, and the design you use,” Kevin Mancuso, a hairstylist and international imaginative director for Nexxus, informs POPSUGAR. Oh, and wear’t forget your environment. (“If you live in a contaminated city, you’re going to desire to wash your hair more regularly than you mostlikely do,” he states.)

So, how frequently must you “do” it? We asked a handful of specialists — from a hairstylist to a skinspecialist to a colorist — for their viewpoint on how lotsof times you must be cleaning your hair a week. That method you can thinkabout the search, well, done.

How Often You Should Wash Your Hair, According to a Hairstyl

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