2024 NFL draft possibility: Washington QB Michael Penix Jr.

2024 NFL draft possibility: Washington QB Michael Penix Jr.

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This series will be your guide to the 2024 draft class. From searching reports to mock drafts and checkingout various circumstances, we will be covering the NFL draft and the future of the Minnesota Vikings from all angles.

We are getting a head start this year by looking at the skill predicted to be offered in the upcoming 2024 NFL draft. Why start in the summertime? It’s a excellent method to see how the gamers grow from year-to-year and we will be looking at gamers from a Vikings pointofview.

Right now, the Vikings will have 7 draft chooses in the 2024 NFL draft.

  • 1st round
  • 2nd round
  • 4th round
  • 4th round (via Lions)
  • 5th round (via Chiefs)
  • 5th round (via Browns)
  • 6th round

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Penix Jr.

  • Washington
  • Transfer from Indiana
  • Fifth-year senior
  • Height: 6030
  • Weight: 218 lbs
  • Three-star hire per 247 Sports
  • Stats: 62.3% conclusion, 8,838 lawns, 60 goals, 23 interceptions, 99 hurries, 257 backyards, 2.6 YPC, 10 goals
  • Games viewed: Penn State 2020, Kent State 2022, Oregon State 2022, Texas 2022

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The veryfirst thing that pops out on the movie is how live Penix Jr.’s arm is. He can fire the ball into tight windows and toss deep without much assistance from his lower half. The veryfirst play versus Texas in the Alamo Bowl revealed that in droves.

In the pocket is where Penix Jr. prospers the themajorityof. He can run when required and tosses well on the relocation while developing outside of structure, however he would much rather stay inside the pocket and beat you there. Penix Jr. has a great pump phony with both vitality and speed.

Footwork is crisp out of the shotgun. He doesn’t have a drawback in his action and keeps them active to reset rapidly. It assists him be precise with the football. Placement is a huge plus when he has tidy footwork.

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Penix Jr. has a sidearm release that can cause him to sail the football. His receivers have to dive for the ball needlessly. He likewise has a rather lengthened movement that hasn’t gotten him in difficulty yet, however it might in the pros.

While he does program excellent footwork, there are times where he gets choppy with his footwork. It triggers his base to get large and it makes him sail the football. That’s not a terrific thing to set with his sidearm release.

Vision isn’t the finest. He can missouton protectors out in area and that triggered numerous interceptions this past season.

Injuries are a significant issue. He has several split ACLs that haveactually ended seasons along with a shoulder injury. Medicals will requirement to be tidy for him to be a draftable gamer,

Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

He plays primarily out of the shotgun and has an arm to attack the whole field, however that will work with Kevin O’Connell’s offense. Working from under center is something that Penix Jr. looks to have the capability to findout. With Justin Jefferson, T.J. Hockenson and Jordan Addison to toss to, Penix Jr. would be a great gamer to develop around if the medicals check out. The Vikings medical personnel is one that you can trust with a circumstance as complicated as Penix Jr.’s.

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