Kyle Shanahan can’t untangle playoff imperfections from ‘unusual’ 49ers QB scenario

Kyle Shanahan can’t untangle playoff imperfections from ‘unusual’ 49ers QB scenario

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It wouldn’t be a 49ers offseason in the Kyle Shanahan period without a little bit of drama with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. Garoppolo in an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Robin Lundberg called the 49ers’ legend with quarterback Trey Lance a “weird circumstance.” Shanahan on Wednesday dealtwith that remark in a press conference.

The 49ers head coach ahead of Wednesday’s practice was asked if he pays attention to remarks like Garoppolo’s and if he’s relieved the QB concern marks are over for now. His reaction had 3 unique parts that are all worth checkingout.

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“I mean I shot not to pay attention to outside of here,” Shanahan stated. “I shot to offer with the individuals in here that I have to offer with. I have felt extremely great about that.”

Shanahan has neverever suggested any kind of fracture in his relationship with any gamer while they’ve been in the structure. Even throughout the Garoppolo legend inbetween 2021 and this offseason he, at least openly, kept a great relationship with the quarterback.

Next, he talked about Lance’s initial press accessibility with Cowboys media.

“I did see Trey,” Shanahan stated. “I was pleased viewing him infact while I was consuming lunch with his press conference in Dallas and Trey is as genuine as it gets and that’s how he talks in here. That’s how he is every day. So, it’s cool to see him dealwith that the right method and he did appear truly kind of delighted and I feel he’s in a great position to relocation on and do muchbetter there.”

If the 49ers or Shanahan held any displeasure towards Lance it would be totally their own fault. Lance has managed his whole scenario with aplomb and had absolutelynothing however great things to state about the 49ers when he fulfilled with the media in Dallas. Perhaps that wasn’t the finest possible area the 49ers might’ve sentout the young QB, however Lance appears to be pleased and Shanahan appears to be delighted for him. That’s good.

Finally, he dealtwith Garoppolo.

“Jimmy, the remarks are the remarks,” Shanahan stated. “I’m actually not worried about his remarks.”

Fair adequate! That’s another group’s quarterback making a declaration about a 49ers QB space he no longer belongs to. If Shanahan was worrying over something a gamer on another group stated he mostlikely wouldn’t be a head coach for really long.

Shanahan has kept up a excellent public relationship with Garoppolo, and ripping him now that he’s in another consistent wouldn’t make much sense.

While the head coach may not be worried about Garoppolo’s remarks, the previous 49ers QB didn’t state anything that was always wrong. The QB space in Santa Clara has neverever been especially steady.

In 2017 there were concerns about their long-lasting alternatives at the position, however then they obtained Garoppolo bymeansof trade, he went 5-0 as a starter and made a long-lasting agreement that offseason.

In 2018 Garoppolo tore his ACL, and in 2019 there was about as much stability as the group has had under center with Garoppolo beginning all 16 videogames and taking the group to the Super Bowl

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