Michigan football to host elite Texas transfer

Michigan football to host elite Texas transfer

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Michigan football hasn’t been as active in the transfer website this cycle as last, rather acting as a sniper rather of taking in a bigger amount of eligible vagabonds.

Last year, the Wolverines got a lot of huge names bymeansof the portal: LaDarius Henderson, Josaiah Stewart, Drake Nugent, Myles Hinton, AJ Barner, Jack Tuttle, Ernest Hausmann, and Josh Wallace. This year, the maize and blue brought in Josh Priebe, Jaishawn Barham, Dominic Zvada, and C.J. Charleston, however are looking to include some depth at some secret positions.

One piece was Amorion Walker, the Michigan cornerback who had transformed from broad receiver. He moved to Ole Miss however moved back after spring ball. Walker might play either side of the ball, however provided that the Wolverines requirement large receiver assistance, it would stand to factor that Michigan wo

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