Ranking the 20 possible Utah NHL hockey group names

Ranking the 20 possible Utah NHL hockey group names

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With a brand-new NHL group headed to Utah (the previous Arizona Coyotes), fans now have a possibility to vote on a possible name for the moved team.

The ballot study revealed 20 possible names for the Utah NHL group that would go into impact for the 2025-26 season, and we’ve got ideas on all 20 choices.

Some of them are quite incredible, while others would be finest left on the drawing board.

Let’s rank all 20 of the names, from a coupleof that are unimaginative to a coupleof that are gold. You might disagree, however keepinmind, you’ve got the choice to vote on whichever ones you’d like. Hockey democracy in action!

You can’t name an NHL group after the product the sport is played on. There’s no NFL group called after turf, after all.

Nobody is frightened by a canyon.

We like the concept here, however two-name groups are a no-go.

This feels a bit unimaginative, even if it’s a muchbetter concept than the others above it.

This one feels a bit unclear. What precisely is the fury we’re going for here?

Kind of like Utah Fury, Utah Hive is likewise a little too unclear for our preference.

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