Razorbacks loss to BYU put lotsof fans over the razor’s edge

Razorbacks loss to BYU put lotsof fans over the razor’s edge

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Talk about one of life’s biggest disasters. After browsing social media Saturday night, following the BYU loss, I’m thinking suicide hotlines throughout the state of Arkansas were ringing off the hook — as we would state it, back in the day.

Apparently, some instant treatment came in the kind of Twitter and Facebook, where upset fans flooded the Internet with their problems, tips, and even a list of Razorback football workers and gamers who requirement to be fired or booted, rightaway.

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I will be the veryfirst to confess that I am a Hog homer, have my name inscribed in the walkway, and bleed the inmost shade of Razorback red. But as my boy and I glumly strolled out of Razorback Stadium after Arkansas wasted a two-possession lead in the veryfirst half, then onceagain in the 2nd half, it was barely a time to reverse. Just a lot of head-shaking and rock-kicking.

It felt strangely comparable to our walk out of Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium on January 2, 2016, having simply viewed the Hogs blow a 24-0 halftime lead to Virginia Tech in the Belk Bowl.

Unfortunately, as Razorback fans — or as fans of any sports group, for that matter — it’s the heartbreaks we keepinmind alotof. But in the scope of life, the result of that videogame had no more bearing on my health or income than the field-storming win over Texas 2 years earlier. You win some, you lose some. It’s still simply a videogame. We are still simply fans. If a group that you takeplace to root for is the leading toppriority in your life, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate how you’re living.

The discomfort of Saturday’s loss will stickaround for a while … unless we beat LSU this weekend. Amazingly, injuries can recover as rapidly as they are caused.

And losing to a quite excellent Power 5 group isn’t as bad as getting fleeced by an outmanned Toledo or Citadel group, however nevertheless, Arkansas oughtto haveactually beaten the Cougars going away. The crowd was electrical, the early 14-0 lead felt like a blowout in the making, and this group was stated to be various than current years.

BYU did make some amazing plays along the method, like Isaac Rex’s one-handed catch early in the 2nd quarter to set up a goal, and Chase Roberts’ single-handed snag for the game-winning rating in the 4th. But the Hogs merely might not get out of their own method. For every action forward there were of

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