Unleash your sense of adventure in Shoalhaven

Unleash your sense of adventure in Shoalhaven

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You won’t fully appreciate the sheer size of the Shoalhaven region until you immerse yourself in its hidden treasures such as Jervis Bay, Huskisson, Berry, Mollymook and more. WellBeing editor Kate shares her experience in this magnificent part of the world.

Nestled along the striking south-eastern coastline of New South Wales lies a hidden treasure waiting to be explored: Jervis Bay. Located in the Shoalhaven region – which is also home to Ulladulla, Huskisson, Berry, Lake Conjola, St Georges Basin, Nowra and more – Jervis Bay is renowned for its pristine beaches, azure-blue waters and thriving bushland. This coastal paradise beckons the intrepid adventurer seeking an unspoiled blend of wellness and excitement.

Located just a two-hour drive from Sydney or two-and-a-half-hours from Canberra, Shoalhaven is easily accessible for a long-weekend getaway – which is exactly what my young family did.

Our first adventure was a South Coast Passage at Jervis Bay Wild. My son was beside himself with excitement. As for me, I was feeling grateful for the sea-sickness tablets dissolving in our tummies as I looked out to the horizon. Henry, our captain, gave a safety briefing then motored us out of the mariner. From there, we cruised along the spectacular beaches of Huskisson, Vincentia and down to Hyams Beach, with Henry sharing local tales along the way.

The crystal-clear turquoise waters were truly captivating, lining the rugged cliffs that gracefully embrace the unique coastline. The waters here were calm, so Captain Henry could tuck the cruiser into unspoiled beaches like Green Patch, Hole in the Wall and Murrays Beach.

As the boat cut through the cerulean waters of Jervis Bay, I took a deep inhalation. Relaxing into my chair, I gazed at the white sandy beaches. This place is truly something special. Before I got too comfortable, Captain Henry started heading out to sea. “Put on your wind jackets, passengers – we’re crossing the open waters!” he announced. We were off to Point Perpendicular and a southerly wind was blowing. As the vessel set sail, anticipation hung in the air. With rocky cliffs looming on the horizon and the promise of untamed wilderness beckoning, we braced ourselves as we begun to cross the passage. The sheer motion of the ocean put my son straight to sleep in my arms. At first, I thought, “He’s going to miss all the action!” But then I was quickly consumed by the loveliness of his warm body against mine.

A rush of adrenaline jolted me out of my thoughts as we leapt over the swell. My stomach rose and fell with such force, I was sure my son would wake up, but he stayed sleeping peacefully. My husband and I locked eyes as we plummeted over the swell, shared an excited laugh and copped a splattering of water to the face. The salt stung my eyes and the water drenched my hair, but I didn’t care. This was exhilarating! My son, who was safe and dry under my jacket, didn’t even stir.

Once we arrived at Point Perpendicular, I was mesmerised by the severity yet serenity of the rugged cliffs. These striking rock formations have been standing sentinel against the crashing waves for more than 350 million years.

As our captain navigated the turbulent waters that swirled around Point Perpendicular, we witnessed the untamed force of the sea. My son woke as Captain Henry pointed out the untouched wilderness of Pancake Stack, the Outer and Inner Tubes and Silica Cove. We then journeyed towards a calm Honeymoon Bay and back to the dock, finishing our two-hour round trip with a newfound appreciation for the raw power of the ocean and the solid ground beneath our feet.

Afterwards, my husband, who has an insatiable thirst for adventure, was eager to join Dane from Sea Kayak Jervis Bay for a two-hour guided kayak tour. Dane, who has more than 25 years of experience navigating the intricate waterways of Jervis Bay, revealed the local secrets of the waterways and landscapes.

After our water activities, we grabbed a bite to eat at 5 Little Pigs and some fresh oysters from Jim Wild before heading to our accommodation.

A deep sense of reverence

As we unlocked the front door of Driftaway at Wrights Beach, which is managed by Supercalla Private, our jaws were left on the floor. The picturesque view across the water was like a scene straight out of a postcard. In the distance, a couple leisurely kayaked while fishermen cast their lines nearby. Directly in front of us stood a quaint boat shed and jetty, which my son and husband took off towards to explore. It was a s

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