$200 Meteorite-Infused Vodka Promises Out-of-This-World Taste

$200 Meteorite-Infused Vodka Promises Out-of-This-World Taste

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By Spooky on May 30th, 2024 Category: News

French distillery Pegasus chose to commemorate its launching on the UnitedStates spirits market with a special item – an ultra-premium vodka instilled with a genuine meteorite.

The appropriately called Shooting Star Vodka begins off as natural, inyourarea sourced wheat and botanicals from France distilled utilizing iStill,  the most sophisticated distilling innovation. The mix is then gradually decreased over a month-long duration utilizing pure spring water from a well dug 150 meters listedbelow the Pegasus Distillery in Burgundy. But what truly sets Shooting Star Vodka apart from other premium spirits is the aging procedure. Shooting Star Vodka is aged in little batches for at least one year utilizing big terracotta containers with pieces of meteorite suspended in the middle. As the area rock partly liquifies into the vodka, it presumably provides the spirit a mineral taste.

“The existence of chondrite, a mineral distinct to meteorites, in the last item, supplies a distinct mineral taste that matches the existing smooth and fine-tuned texture that identifies our vodkas,” Pegasus creator and CEO Maxime Girardin informed The New York Post. “As we e

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