The World’s Heaviest Rideable Motorcycle Is Powered by a Tank Engine

The World’s Heaviest Rideable Motorcycle Is Powered by a Tank Engine

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By Spooky on May 31st, 2024 Category: Auto

Powered by a Soviet tank engine and weighing over 5 lots, the Panzerbike is by far the world’s heaviest rideable bike.

The story of the world’s heaviest motorbike can be traced back to2003 Brothers Tilo and Wilfried Niebel of the Harzer Bike motorbike store in Zilly, Germany, were in Halberstadt where a previous Red Army Barracks was being destroyed. The 2 tinkerers have constantly been of the viewpoint that old products can be repurposed, not simply disposedof, so they were there looking for parts to usage in their customized motorbikes. While looking around, the 2 siblings discovered an outstanding cutaway design of a Soviet T-55 tank engine and were so interested by it that they asked if they might have it. Little did they understand that this would be the start of a really unique task that would see them claim a Guinness Record and hold it for almost 2 years.

Photo: Harzer Bike Shmiede

Tilo and Wilfried took the cutaway tank engine design home with them, and as they kept checking its inner functions practically every day, an concept began to take shape in their heads. Could they develop a practical motorbike powered by an real T-55 tank engine? After cautious consideration, they chose it was worth a attempt. But veryfirst, they had to discover a working engine, as the cutaway they had couldn’t be utilized. It took 3 years to lastly discover one in Mecklenburg, and after purchasing it, the 2 motorbike lovers generally locked themselves in their store for a year structure the leviathan the world would come to understand as ‘Panzerbike’.

Interestingly, the world’s heaviest rideable bike is called after the German Panzer tank, it was developed in Germany by Germans, however it is made up mainly of Soviet parts. The 38,000 cc T-55 engin

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